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Where does this leave all of us and the planet we inhabit?  Even thinking optimistically, enacting climate-change legislation that matches the scale of the challenge is hard to imagine: the science is damning and the clock is ticking.  And while the conversation may be shifting, there’s still a climate-change-denying President in the White House and nothing like a broad consensus on a path forward among Democrats.
In the face of all that, it would be easy to dismiss the new breed of climate activists as noisy but dreamy, idealists distant from the powers who run the show.  But that’s the thing about social movements, from civil rights to gay rights.  At first the activists may look naive, and maybe they are.  But in the rearview mirror, they come to look like instigators of massive and, in hindsight, obvious change.
    —    Justin Worland
In Mr. Worland’s article:  “A New Climate For Climate
Appearing in:  Time Magazine;  dtd:  3 April 2019
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