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“I think that in this era, where people are really hungry for someone that they can trust and a team they can trust, that it’s just something they sense in their gut,” Muir says.  “And we go out there and try to earn that trust every single night.  And we’re not perfect.  One of the great gifts of this job is that you can go out the next night and give it your best shot again.  But we never forget that we’re reporting to a divided country.”
The challenge, he says, when “half the country is saying give the guy a break and the other half of the country is still saying how on earth could this happen and how much longer will it last,” is to hear both sides without being identified with either.  “We do this balancing act every night of trying to signal to an audience we hear you, we’re asking questions for you.”
    —    Karl Vick  (quoting David Muir)
From his article / interview:  “World News Tonight’s David Muir Wants to Earn Your Trust, One Broadcast at a Time
Appearing in:  Time Magazine, dtd: 27 August 2018
Online interview at:  http://time.com/5368871/david-muir-world-news-tonight/
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