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I was lost a long time, without knowing it.  Without the Faith, one is free, and that is a pleasant feeling at first.  There are no questions of conscience, no constraints, except the constraints of custom, convention and the law, and these are flexible enough for most purposes.  It is only later that terror comes.  One is free – but free in chaos, in an unexplained and unexplainable world.  One is free in a desert, from which there is no retreat but inward, toward the hollow core of oneself.  There is nothing to build on but the small rock of one’s own pride, and this is a nothing, based on nothing…  I think, therefore I am.  But what am I?  An accident of disorder, going no place.
    ―    Morris L. West
From his novel:  “The Devil’s Advocate
[For a number of reasons (particularly “the hollow core of oneself”), this quote just reminded me of our current President (#IncompetentDonald).  I’m not sure if that says more about me or more about him.    —    kmab]
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