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Sometimes we feel that life’s a battle, and we’re alone.  We feel that when no one is willing to hear us out, or when no one is willing to fight the fight with us.  We feel that we are alone when there’s no out to reach out.  When staring outside the window, we see only darkness and silence.
So why is it that we need someone else?  Why is it that we have to feel as if there’s something missing, something that’s been taken away from us, something that only another person can give us?
Something that can’t be bought.
Something that can’t be stolen.
Something that can’t be defined or understood or seen.
Something we all need, we all want.
And when you find that something, that’s when you’re complete.  Perfect.  Happy.
That’s when all your dreams become possible, no matter how crazy they really are, when your biggest fears die.
You’re not afraid anymore.
You’re not alone anymore.
Love is simply this:  we give the best of our hearts to someone who’s willing to fight the fight with us.  Nothing else really matters.  Distance, age, sex, whatever.
    —    Aishwarya Shah
[The above quote is an excerpt from a post on a blog I am now following:   http://eclipsedwords.com/
The specific post is located at:  http://eclipsedwords.com/2018/06/04/modern-love/
If you have a free minute, you might enjoy checking it out…    —    KMAB]
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