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You’ve said that maturity is “a matter of progressing ever closer to your ideal self.”  What is your ideal self?
To travel this world without being tied to others.  Not in the sense of crossing the sky like a bird.  My meaning stems from the fact that people constantly compare themselves to others.  They find it difficult to decide the best way to live, I guess, and comparisons help them evaluate their own situation.  A person can attain pure freedom only by being set free from being a person.
What would you tell parents who are sad that their child has been diagnosed with autism?
I don’t think of my autism as a misfortune.  You may be stuck, your suffering may be ongoing, but time flows on.  What your child needs right now is to see your smile.  Create lots of happy memories together.  When we know we are loved, the courage we need to resist depression and sadness wells up from inside us.
     —     Naoki Higashida
From an interview appearing in:  Time Magazine 7 August 2017
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