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It says something both odd and exceptional about our species that while we could rightly be preoccupied with the simple business of surviving on the one world we’ve got — keeping the people in our own small tribe fed and healthy and safe from the perceived menace of the tribes across the valley — we always have one eye trained outward.  We can’t say exactly what we’re looking for — deliverance, company, answers to eternal questions — but we look out all the same.
Building the instruments that make that wondering gaze possible isn’t easy or cheap, and none of it pays the kinds of earthly dividends that pick-and-shovel programs like fixing roads or building airports do.  But there are other kinds of dividends as well, and if uncovering the universe’s most ancient secrets doesn’t qualify, what would?  Washington could certainly spend its money more frugally, but it’s hard to see how it could spend it more imaginatively.
   —   Jeffrey Kluger
From his article: “Eyes In the Sky
Appearing in: Time Magazine, dtd: July 3, 2017
The link to the article is: http://time.com/4828091/eyes-in-the-sky/
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