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This all may sound obvious, but far too little of the tech industry operates this way today.  We’ve gotten to a point where companies aren’t even trying to build a business that will produce profits;  they are just trying to stay funded long enough for another company to acquire them.  They are actively chasing the waste instead of the win.  That misplaced focus isn’t just annoying, it contributes to global inequality, because it emphasizes capturing value instead of creating it.  It reminds me of Wall Street in 2007.
And it echoes the story of the economy writ large.  Over the past 30 years, wages have largely flatlined as corporate profits have surged, which means that companies in other sectors too are capturing more wealth than they are creating.  This is a recipe for economic stagnation.  Consumer demand is 70 percent of GDP.  So when companies treat people solely as an expense to be automated away, or as mere supply of wealth to be extracted, they are slowly cutting their own throats.
    —    Tim O’Reilly
Quoted by:  Jason Tanz
In his article:  “A To-Do List For The Tech Industry
Appearing in:  Wired Magazine;  dtd:  November 2016
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