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Clapper says he has never doubted the morality of his profession.  The job of the intelligence community is, in his view, honorably straightforward: to provide policy­makers with objective analysis derived from intelligence gathered through legally authorized methods.
Unpredictable instability has been a constant for this administration and will be, he says, for the next one too.
After a pause, Clapper answered unapologetically:  “We can do our job with a clear conscience, but we have to be careful.  The history of the intelligence community is replete with violations of the trust of the American people.”  That doesn’t mean that the job is immoral — it just means the job has to be done correctly.  “I have always accepted intelligence was an honorable profession.  We are all mindful of the need to comply with our moral values and the law.”
    —    James Clapper
From the article:  “Watching The Watcher
Article written by:  Garrett M. Graff
Article appearing in:  Wired Magazine;  dtd:  December 2016
Link to article:  http://www.wired.com/2016/11/james-clapper-us-intelligence/
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