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I AM!!

When last I looked upon a mirror,
I wondered that indeed,
I do exist.
There I was,
In living color.
Yet, strangely not alive.
A reproduction of the shell
Within which, I am alone.
A prisoner.  To my feelings —
Of love,
Of joy,
Of hope,
Of happiness,
and of the pervasive rapture
Of my aloneness;
There are none to share —
to totally understand.
Within my finiteness,
the universe is captured.
Within the universe,
my finiteness is insignificant.
And yet…  I AM!!
Against the scale of all that is,
I AM!!
Though locked within
this fragile shell,
My living consciousness
joyously proclaims
To the farthest reaches
of the void  —
I AM!!!
[The above poem was written back in 1980.  When one has the words, one shouts them to the universe.  You can find more of my poems on my “Poems” tab / page.    —    KMAB]
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