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If you find the world is harsh then you must be stronger.  And though you may falter, you may feel the flow of hatred running through your veins, you must never lose your humanity.
Though life will change you, scar you, you must never allow it to break you, nor tarnish your soul.  If there is good remaining after all this time then you must protect it.
We may be small and insignificant in this vast and terrifying universe, but we have each other.  So even if every bone in your body is screaming enough, don’t ever stop being kind, you won’t regret this.
And if your existence makes the world a little less cruel then yours will have been a life well lived.  And God I hope to die in those arms, my last shelter, my sweetest memory.  If life must end in tragedy then let mine be a beautiful one.  All I ever wanted was a little less loneliness, a little more love.
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