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Fight not because you are told to fight, but because you are free to fight.  Then you are answerable only to yourself and to the world you cherish most highly.
     —    John Phoenix (Mack Bolan), from his journal
[Mack Bolan is a fictional character from the “men’s” action / adventure series:  “The Executioner” written by Don Pendleton.  Bolan is an American vigilante who goes around the country killing Mafiosi because he feels they are beyond the law.  The series is sometimes credited with being the foundation of the 70s/80s genre of male action / adventure novels.  It was also the inspiration for Marvel’s character:  “The Punisher“.  The series ran about forty volumes and then Bolan switched to a “war” on terrorists.  I bought and read the entire original series and started on the Phoenix line, but got bored and lost interest.  The series was sold to a different publisher and they hired a team of writers to take over.  The series didn’t have the same flavor for me.  Wikipedia reports the series is still going and has over 600 (!!) volumes.
Forty years ago, I’d have thought the words “answerable only to yourself” were the most significant.  Now, with age, and hopefully a bit more wisdom, I’d put more emphasis on the “and to the world you cherish most highly“.  We may all be actors in a play, but none of us are an island.    —    kmab]
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