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Writing a book is a bit like surfing…   Most of the time you’re waiting.  And it’s quite pleasant, sitting in the water waiting.  But you are expecting that the result of a storm over the horizon, in another time zone, usually, days old, will radiate out in the form of waves.  And eventually, when they show up, you turn around and ride that energy to the shore.  It’s a lovely thing, feeling that momentum.  If you’re lucky, it’s also about grace.  As a writer, you roll up to the desk every day, and then you sit there, waiting, in the hope that something will come over the horizon.  And then you turn around and ride it, in the form of a story.
     ―    Tim Winton
Found at one of the blogs I follow:  A Not So Jaded Life
The specific post can be found at:  http://anotsojadedlife.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/23-tips-from-famous-writers-for-new-and-emerging-authors/
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