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In the end, I’m not at all certain that Clinton can beat Trump.  He is free-form and anarchic and silly and devastating.  She is rote.  The answer to Dr. Majmudar’s question may involve a simplicity that eludes her.  To Beat Trump, she is going to have to be patient, dignified, self-deprecating, utterly factual and brutally honest (about herself).  Poetry isn’t going to work this year.
    —    Joe Klein
From his opinion piece:  “To take out Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton must first stop acting like a politician
Appearing in:  Time Magazine;  dtd:  March 28, 2016
[Dr. Majmudar’s question was:  “Leaving aside the negative rhetoric and attack ads, none of which have worked so far, can you share with us three specific points of your anti-Trump game plan?”   Just in case you were wondering…    —    KMAB]
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