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I do not seek to place you
In a little box named Joan,
I seek instead to understand
Why thru you I have grown.
Your name is not a label
I have placed upon a box,
You are instead a flower
On a path that I have crossed.
Do not fear, Little Flower
The longing in your chest
We are all a little lonely
And perhaps, that is best;
From loneliness we learn
To reach out to each other —
So on our paths of life we may
Become as little flowers.
So if along your life’s path
There among the rocks
You spy a little flower
Growing in a box…
Look a little closer
And a beauty it may show,
And by this bit of beauty
You may simply grow.
And growing, you will go
Further down the path
Seeing truly each little flower
You may encounter after that.
    —    KMAB
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