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“It was only possible for me to do it,” he said, “because it was necessary.  I either had to write the book or be reduced to despair;  it was the only means of saving me from nothingness, chaos and suicide.  The book was written under this pressure and brought me the expected cure, simply because it was written, irrespective of whether it was good or bad.  That was the only thing that counted.  And while writing it, there was no need for me to think at all of any other reader but myself, or at the most, here and there another close war-comrade, and I certainly never thought then about the survivors, but always about those who fell in the war.  While writing it, I was as if delirious or crazy, surrounded by three or four people with mutilated bodies — that is how the book was produced.”
    —    Hermann Hesse
From his novel:  “The Journey to the East
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