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The following is a song I recently stumbled upon on YouTube.com.  It’s not one I remember, so obviously it never changed my life, but I like it so much I’ve added it to the lyrics on my “poems” page.  Enjoy the song, then read the lyrics…
The world I used to know…
Some day some old
familiar rain
Will come along
and know my name.
And then my shelter
will be gone
And I’ll have to
move along.
But ’till I do
I’ll stay awhile
And track the
hidden country
of your smile.
Some day the man
I used to be
Will come along
and call on me.
And then because I’m
just a man,
You’ll find my feet
are made of sand.
But ’till that time
I’ll tell you lies
And chart the
hidden bound’ries
of your eyes.
Some day the world
I used to know
Will come along
and bid me go.
Then I’ll be leaving
you behind
For love is just
a state of mind.
But ’till that day
I’ll be your man
And love away
your troubles
if I can.
But ’till that day
I’ll be your man
And love away
your troubles
if I can.
In the world
I used to know
Written by:   Rod McKuen
Performed by:   Jimmie Rodgers
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