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Skyfall (2012) –  movie review
What happens when James Bond gets old and starts to wear down?   Daniel Craig stars as Bond in the 23rd installment of James Bond, Agent 007, a spy in MI6 – the British Intelligence Secret Service.  The movie is typically formulaic with all the usual:  dramatic opening chase, various love (sex) interests, a warped villain who seeks to take control of the world and get revenge on MI6, large set piece shoot-outs, but strangely enough, no cavalry support rushing to the rescue at the end.
If you like your Bond’s grittier, darker, more serious and physical and less jovial, then Craig is for you and you’ll enjoy this episode.  I did.  Don’t get me wrong, there are the typical 007 one-liners, but they are not delivered with the same tongue-in-cheek of Sean Connery or fourth wall comedic disdain of Roger Moore.
As the movie is several years old and routinely broadcast on “free” TV, I can discuss the plot a little more than I normally would…  Bond is seriously injured and believed dead in the opening scene.  He is settling into retirement when MI6 Headquarters is attacked.  Although still angry with “M” for sacrificing him (and nearly getting him killed), Bond agrees to report for duty.  Blah, blah, blah, bad guy proves he’s evil and it’s obvious he is trying to destroy “M” because she also “sacrificed” him.  Blah, blah, blah (homage to Aston-Martin from Goldfinger), let’s all go hide in my Scottish Highlands ancestral home (“Skyfall”), so we’ll have a reason for naming this movie.  Big battle, “M” is fatally injured, Bond kills bad guy  and “M” dies in his arms.  Happy ending with new “M” and the intro of Moneypenny.
Although typically over-the-top Bond-ishly unrealistic, this movie works like most Bond movies because the audience know what we’re paying for and the director and actors deliver.  This is never going to be “Best Picture” cinema.  This is action, adventure, explosions and the hint of sexuality.  The movie goes out of its way to give you some personal background about Bond and to point out he is reaching the end of his shelf-life.  None of this matters except to prepare us for a re-boot.  The film works and I give it a strong recommendation.
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