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Today’s book review is for “Casca: Panzer Soldier” (1980©) written by Barry Sadler.  This is book four in the “Casca – The Eternal Mercenary” series.  This is a re-read for me.  My first reading would have been sometime in the early to mid-1980’s.
Casca Rufio Longinus is the legendary Roman soldier who slayed Christ with a spear.  Just prior to dying, the Messiah tells Casca:  “You are satisfied with what you are and so you shall remain until we meet again.”  Thus began the (series and) adventures of Casca across two-thousand years (and counting).
In this volume, Carl Langer (Casca) has decided that Communism will be the end of Western Civilization, so he joins the German Army to fight the Russians on the Eastern Front.  Too late, he discovers the horrors of the Nazis and their “Final Solution”.  Casca also uncovers the role played by “The Brotherhood” in the war.  (See yesterday’s post for a brief intro to the “Brotherhood”.)
Like every book in this series, the descriptions of battles are graphic and powerful.  There is just enough historical accuracy thrown in to make the series “feel” like you are reading real history.  I think this is always the mark of good historical fiction – you almost believe you are reading an actual account.
Just like yesterday’s volume, this book is a fast read, typical of this series and many of the “male adventure-series” from that time period.  If you are “into” this genre (and I am), you will thoroughly enjoy this book (and I did).  I particularly like the historical fiction aspects of the series.  Highly recommended (book and series).
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