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Obamacare gave millions of Americans access to affordable health care, or at least protection against being unable to pay for a catastrophic illness or being bankrupted by the bills.  Now everyone has access to insurance and subsidies to help pay for it.  That is a milestone toward erasing a national disgrace.  But the new law hasn’t come close to making health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs low enough so that health care is truly affordable to everyone, let alone affordable to the degree that it is in every other developed nation.  Worse, it did little beyond some pilot projects and new regulations to make health care affordable for the country.  Instead, it provided massive government subsidies so that more people could buy health care at the same inflated prices that so threaten the U.S. Treasury and our global competitiveness.
     —    Steven Brill
From his article:  “What I Learned From My $190,000 Surgery
Excerpted from Time Magazine, 19 January 2015 issue
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