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We — I am talking of schoolmasters and of university dons — are apt to forget that we are only subordinate elements in the education of a grown man;  and that, in their own good time, in later life, our pupils will learn for themselves.  The phenomena of growth cannot be hurried beyond certain very narrow limits.  But an unskillful practitioner can easily damage a sensitive organism.  Yet, when all has been said in the way of caution, there is such a thing as pushing on, of getting to know the fundamental details and the main exact generalisations, and of acquiring an easy mastery of technique.  There is no getting away from the fact that things have been found out, and that to be effective in the modern world you must have a store of definite acquirement of the best practice.  To write poetry you must study metre;  and to build bridges you must be learned in the strength of material.  Even the Hebrew prophets had learned to write, probably in those days requiring no mean effort.  The untutored art of genius is — in the words of the Prayer Book — a vain thing, fondly invented.
    —    Alfred North Whitehead
From his book:  “The Aims Of Education
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