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“Whatever happens – and I know now that this thing can only end one way for me – I think I won, I still think I won.  Because up until all of this, you know, even escape into death was an impossibility for me.  It was like that crazy riddle they ask you in school.  You know the one:  ‘If a tree falls in the forest, but nobody’s there to see or hear it happen…  how can anybody know for sure that the tree really fell?
Well, that was sort of the way I felt about dying.
After all, how can you die if nobody knows you’re alive?”
    —    Closing lines from the journal of Lars Colonius
    —    Excerpt from the novel:  “The Voice of Armageddon
Written by:  David Lippincott
[This quote is from a book I read back in the 1970’s about a guy (Lars) who decides the way to fame is to commit a “perfect” and well-publicized act of terror.  Very much the “scream at sky” call for help we’ve heard about from so many killers in the last few years.  Killing and suicide as a means of self-expression to “promote” one’s existence in a world which ignores you.  How small and lazy do you have to be to take the lives of others to gain status as a footnote in a news article or history book.  How much better to die (or more correctly, to live) in acts of daily service to others and thereby live on in their memories and in the stories they tell their children.     —    kmab]
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