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…I know what death is and all you people don’t even know what life is.
There’s nothing noble about dying.  Not even if you die for honor.  Not even if you die the greatest hero the world ever saw.  Not even if you’re so great your name will never be forgotten and who’s that great?  The most important thing is your life little guys.  You’re worth nothing dead except for speeches.  Don’t let them kid you any more.  Pay no intention when they tap you on the shoulder and say come along we’ve got to fight for liberty or what ever their word is there’s always a word.
Just say mister I’m sorry I got no time to die I’m too busy and then run and run like hell.  If they say coward why don’t you pay any attention because it’s your job to live not to die.
     —    Dalton Trumbo
From: “johnny got his gun
[I’ve heard it said this book is the most shocking anti-war novel ever written.  To me, it is more than that.  It is a statement about a man who lives on.  Though by all normal definitions, he is dead.  He lives on…     —    KMAB]
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