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I believe there are three types of people: there are those who live a life without purpose, theirs is a wasted soul;  there are those who are born knowing their purpose in life, they live a life of direction towards fulfillment;  then there are those who must do much searching for their selves and their purpose – and find it, they live lives of trial and error, joy and pain, love and loneliness, but their fulfillment is sweet.  I believe that I am of the third category.  I know I have a purpose and I seek my directions to it.  This morning, between a rising sun and a falling moon, I think I found my direction.
    —    From my Journal dtd:  26 April 1975
[LOL!!  I was awful sure of myself at the ripe old age of 20, wasn’t I?  As for that particular direction, well, life got in the way…    —    KMAB]
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