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The days and years
Tell me
Of color greying
Of skin weathering,
But in my mind’s eye
You are held
Your smile each morning
Is like the sunrise
Cresting mountains
Across a fog misted
Blue-grey valley,
Your gentle touch
Still makes my heart pound
Like ocean waves
Crashing and cascading
Across a rocky shoreline
Within my chest
Your kindness
Caresses me
Like a gentle breeze
On a warm summer’s evening
Your love
Envelopes me
Like a warm blanket
On a cold winter’s night
How do I love thee?
Across the days and years
From breath-taking dawn
Through mid-day’s lust,
Evening’s gentle breeze
To Winter’s warm embrace.
I love you across
Our lives together
God willing,
[My response to Elizabeth Barrett Browning  (Sonnet 43)   —    kmab]
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