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When Reason speaks to you, harken what she says, and you shall be saved.  Make good use of her utterances, and you shall be as one armed.
For the Lord has given you no better guide than Reason, no stronger arm than Reason.
When Reason speaks to your inmost self, you are proof against Desire.
For Reason is a prudent minister, a loyal guide, and a wise counsellor.  Reason is light in darkness, as anger is darkness amidst light.
Be wise — let Reason, not Impulse, be your guide.
Yet be mindful that even if Reason be at your side, she is helpless without the aid of Knowledge.
Without her blood-sister, Knowledge, Reason is like houseless poverty, and Knowledge without Reason is like a house unguarded.  And even Love, Justice, and Goodness avail little if Reason be not there too.
    —    Kahlil Gibran
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