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“Rimmed Out” – in basketball, when a shot at the basket rolls around the rim and then comes out as a “miss / failed attempt”, it has rimmed out.
This review is for the Sci-Fi / action movie:  “Pacific Rim“.  Other than some mildly interesting special effects, this is an entirely forgettable “dinosaur like creatures fight humans in giant robot suits” – and the humans win to save the Earth.  (Who would have guessed that?)
I was interested in seeing this movie at the theater because it received a write-up in Wired magazine.  The magazine discussed the possibility of making / using such suits – unlikely to impossible.
Not the worst movie I’ve seen in this genre, but I’m glad I borrowed the DVD and didn’t pay for tickets.  I’d probably have a lower rating if I’d lost the time AND paid money for the “privilege” of seeing this movie.  Final recommendation:  low.  Skip this unless you really have nothing else to do, in which case, suspend all reason / thought and try to enjoy the special effects.
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