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Sarah Through The Years


Hil & Sarah In Liverpool

Sarah in pre-school

Sarah in pre-school

Sarah's school photo in Saudi Arabia

Sarah’s school photo in Saudi Arabia

Close-up of Sarah

Close-up of Sarah

Sarah In L'pool Reds kit w/ LOTR sword

Sarah In L’pool Reds kit w/ LOTR sword

There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t act a little childish sometimes.
    —    Doctor Who
[Hi Sarah,  Your mother and I would like you to know how much we’ve enjoyed your being with us as the last child at home.  We look forward to your going away to college in the Fall only because we understand how these first tentative steps away from home will help you become the beautiful young woman you are meant to be.
Happy Birthday!!
Love Always,
Mum & Dad
    —    KMAB]
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