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An order must first of all be clear.  A meditation may be vague, a scheme always has something of the vision in it, but an order must be precise.  All orders can be misunderstood; an obscure one will never be understood.  “To do a thing well,” said Napoleon, “one must do it oneself.”  This is not always true, but the prudent leader will admit that few people understand and that almost everyone forgets.  It is therefore not enough to give an order; one must see to its execution and, when giving it, anticipate anything that may nullify its effectiveness.  The stupidity of human beings and the malevolence of chance are limitless.  The unexpected always happens.  The leader who endeavors to frustrate the onset of ill luck and who strengthens the weak points in his schemes against stupidity is more apt to impose his will than one who does not take these measures.
    —    André Maurois
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