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Another expression of the be-do philosophy is the enshrinement of key policies and programs, thereby stymieing honest debate.  Such stultification is fairly common in large institutions, where the tendency is to create a narrative that makes assent to form fashionable, demonizes the naysayers, and then enforces buy-in with rewards and punishments.  Those who possess the proper faith are righteous, those who do not are unrighteous.  The result is groupthink rather than a helpful, continuous, living dialectic concerning the problem at hand.
   —    Lt. Col. Peter Fromm, U.S. Army, Retired;  Lt. Col. Douglas Pryer, U.S. Army;  and Lt. Col. Kevin Cutright, U.S. Army
From their article:  “The Myths We Soldiers Tell Ourselves (and the Harm These Myths Do)
Found at:  http://usacac.army.mil/CAC2/MilitaryReview/Archives/English/
Originally found via one of the blogs I follow: http://carryingthegun.wordpress.com/
The specific post is:  http://carryingthegun.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/
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