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Reading, like all work, has its rules.  A perfect knowledge of a few writers and a few subjects is more valuable than a superficial one of a great many.  The fine points of a piece of writing are seldom apparent at first reading.  In youth, one should search among books as one searches the world for friends, and once these friends are found, chosen, and adopted, one must go into retirement with them.  Intimacy with Montaigne, Saint Simon, Retz, Balzac, or Proust would be enough to enrich one’s whole life.
    —    André Maurois
[Of course there can never be anything approaching “a perfect knowledge” of anything and I could easily argue there is a time and place for the generalist as well as for the expert.  Be that as it may, I completely agree that an author’s works can come to seem like a friendship we can carry within ourselves forever and seek to revisit frequently.    —    kmab]
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