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According to Pieter Cohen, a professor at Harvard Medical School, there are really only two types of sports supplements: those that are safe but don’t work, and those that might work but have side effects, especially at higher than normal levels.  “If any supplement, no matter how beneficial, has a pharmaceutical effect, it’s also got a downside,” he says.  “There’s no way to get around that basic principle.”
    —    Quoted from the article:  “Your Daily Multivitamin May Be Hurting You
Written by:  Alex Hutchinson
In the magazine:  OUTSIDE MAGAZINE, Nov 2013
[I recently began reading this magazine and have been VERY pleasantly surprised.  It is closer to a health and fitness magazine than it is to an “outside” Sports Illustrated or travel magazine.  I got my subscription by burning up some travel miles, but I may end up spending “real” money when the current subscription runs out.    —    kmab]
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