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He who has not spent hours, days, or years with someone he loves cannot know what happiness is, for he is unable to imagine a protracted miracle like this – one which makes out of ordinary sights and events the most enchanted existence.
     —     André Maurois
Photo of Hil and Kev 29 October 1984

Hil’s Birthday 1984 and our Pre-engagement Photo (Hil in her little black dress)

[I don’t believe the above quote is an absolute, but I do feel it would be fairly difficult to imagine such a miracle without having shared such a “protracted” period.  As of today, my wife Hilary will have spent over half of her life with me passionately in love with her.
On this date, in 1984, on bended knee, Hil sitting at a candle lit table, in a (not too) crowded restaurant, I proposed.  —  And she said, “Yes.”
Happy Birthday, Hil!!
All my love,
Your Kev
     —    KMAB]
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