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Soldiers cannot afford moral complacency.
The problem of “American Exceptionalism.”
A prevalent form of this complacency involves rationalizing one’s own superiority above others.  The myth of American exceptionalism permeating the U.S. military’s ranks is an example.  It usually occurs when Americans apprehend the empirical fact that they enjoy remarkable freedoms and prosperity and transfer those accomplishments of their forebears into feelings of personal superiority.  Instead of perceiving their heritage as a lucky accident, they irrationally perceive it as a personal virtue and a sign of their own superiority.
     —     Lt. Col. Peter Fromm, U.S. Army, Retired;  Lt. Col. Douglas Pryer, U.S. Army;  and Lt. Col. Kevin Cutright, U.S. Army
From their article:  “The Myths We Soldiers Tell Ourselves (and the Harm These Myths Do)
Found at:  http://usacac.army.mil/CAC2/MilitaryReview/
[Originally found via one of the blogs I follow:  http://carryingthegun.wordpress.com/
The specific post is:  http://carryingthegun.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/
the-ethics-of-the-marine-corps-urination-case/     —    KMAB]
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