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There is much to be said concerning retirement.  Some men cannot survive it because they have not prepared themselves for it.  For the man who has retained his curiosity, retirement in old age can be the most enjoyable period of his life;  but he must be aware of the emptiness of public renown and desire the peace of obscurity;  he must still have the wish to learn and understand;  in his village, his garden, or his house, he must have some restricted personal occupation.  The wise man, after having given all his time to his public activities, now devotes himself entirely to his personal affairs and development;  and this will be easier for him if he has been able to interest himself in poetry and the beauties of nature, even during his busiest years.  For myself, I cannot imagine a pleasanter old age than one spent in the not too remote country where I could reread and annotate my favorite books.  “The mind,” says Montaigne, “must thrive upon old age as the mistletoe upon a dead oak.”
    —    André Maurois
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