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In life, there’s one true certainty
That we will meet eternity
When we drift on to gentler skies
Beyond the strings of mortal ties.
But if you find a love that’s true
In which you can be certain too,
Then you will grasp eternity
In life, with death its treasury.
Written for mindlovemisery Prompt 16: Life Lesson
    —    Found on one of the blogs I follow:  http://reowr.wordpress.com
The specific post is:  http://reowr.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/certainly/
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[Not all of us are fortunate to find a love that’s true of which we can be certain.  But, if you do, it is a pearl of great price and you should sacrifice all you have to get – and keep – it in your heart.    —    kmab]
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