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Our planet is 4.4 billion years old.  For at least 3.8 billion years there’s been life on Earth, which is a staggering fact when you stop and consider that the universe itself is only 14+ billion years old.  For just under a third of the time the universe has existed, there has been life on Earth!  And on Earth, life has endured seemingly insurmountable odds to survive for over 80% of the planet’s history.  These are particularly heartening facts when we consider our search for life elsewhere.
We may only have one confirmed example of life in outer space, but it is spectacular in its longevity, its tenacity and its diversity.  We have no reason to think the same process hasn’t been replicated elsewhere throughout the universe.
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The specific post is:  http://thinkingscifi.wordpress.com/2013/08/10/life-in-outer-space/
Note:  the blog’s title refers to Science AND Fiction.  Not Science Fiction.
I’m not sure about the diversity part.  As far as I know, all life on Earth is carbon based.  That doesn’t seem too terribly diverse to me.  Bring on the silicates or the ammonia-nites!  Then we can talk about diversity…    —    kmab]
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