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The Receiver
The senses keen;
The muscles loose;
The wait, the acceleration;
The break, the freedom,
Jumping, extending;
Touching, holding!
Running! Racing!
Free!  Free!  Free!
[This was part two of my reminiscing about playing pick-up football games at the park, back in my teens.
On offense, the players know the intent of the play.  The wide-receiver stands away from the fray.  His job is to elude one man (sometimes two), catch the ball, and then run to the end zone for the score.  Sometimes, it happens that way.  More often than not, it doesn’t.  But running free – ball in hand, away from the defense, remains the “dream” of every receiver.
For the defenses “view” of the play, see yesterday’s “Glory Days (Part 1)“.    —    KMAB]

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