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Beauty In Common Things

Seek not far for beauty.  Lo!  It glows,
In dew-wet grasses all about thy feet;
In birds, in sunshine, childish faces sweet,
In stars, and mountain summits topped with snows.
Go not abroad for happiness.  For, see,
It is a flower that blossoms at thy door!
Bring love and justice home, and then no more
Thou’lt wonder in what dwelling joy may be.
Dream not of noble service elsewhere wrought;
The simple duty that awaits thy hand
Is God’s voice uttering a divine command;
Life’s common duties build all that saints have thought.
In wonder-workings or some bush aflame,
Men look for God, and fancy him concealed;
But in earth’s common things he stands revealed,
While grass and stars and flowers spell out his name.
  —   Written by:  Minot J. Savage


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