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Police brutality means to act as an ordinary prudent person, without a policeman’s self-discipline, would surely act under the stresses of police work.
    —    Joseph Wambaugh
From his novel:  “The New Centurions
[This was never true (see 1960’s Civil Rights protests and Rodney King in the ’90’s), but it has also never been entirely false.  Law enforcement is NOT an easy job.  Sometimes what you see on a daily basis does sap your soul.  Without trying to be (too) judgemental, tonight I am praying (extra) for the police forces in southern California, trying to catch one of their own (gone rogue).   —    KMAB]

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The deepest thing in our nature is this dumb region of the heart, in which we dwell alone with our faiths and our fears.
    —    William James

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