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Hägar the Horrible, the ferocious viking, approached his timid son, who was at the time reading from a considerable volume, and with hands on hips (Hägar) demanded,  “What good are books?!!”
“They tell you things!”  his son replied.
“That’s STUPID!”  Hägar persisted loudly as he stomped away.
Entering a second room, Hägar stopped and upon spying another volume resting on a table, approached it.  He stopped again, clasped his hands in a childishly innocent fashion and looked over one shoulder, then the other.  He again closed the distance between himself and the book, then paused a third time.  He crossed his arms and raised his left hand to his heavily bearded chin in a contemplative manner.  He puzzled over it a moment, bent forward, seized the text and finally raised it cautiously to his ear.
He asked it quietly,  “Hello – – – ?”
[“Hägar the Horrible” is a comic strip I used to read when I was growing up.  Back then it was written by Dik Browne.  The above “strip” ran sometime in 1973 (I believe).  It was touching, so I transferred it into my journal in text format.  It still makes me smile.    —    kmab]
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