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I have spent a majority of my life feeling disconnected from the rest of the world.  I had never really felt with one with anything, and certainly not anyone that wasn’t a member of my family or my close group of friends.
…ironically, there is a way for it to improve simply by getting yourself locked into that very mundane circle, I have tried to avoid it everyday of my life, thinking that one of not knowing and random acts of adventure was “where it was at” it isn’t.  By forcing such things into your life or expecting them, can only cause impatience and a feeling of sadness that things are not happening for you.   For it is that very essence, of locking yourself in to a life that is routine, that we all begin to connect.
  —  from a blog I follow titled:   http://tearmatt.com
The individual blog title is:  Monotonous As One
[The first sentence struck me very close to the bone;  as did the second.  As I continued reading, less and less so.  Which in no way detracts from the substance of the initial two sentences – which I think is some of the beauty of words as a mean of expression.  The blog ends with a few words on how we may attempt to “connect” with others.  I don’t agree with the concept of locking oneself into a routine so that one may “connect” with others.  While there will certainly be a level of similarity, this is not my idea (or ideal) of connecting.
I am reminded of an exchange in the movie, “The Last Samurai“:  “A man may spend his whole life looking for the perfect blossom.  And, it would be a life well spent.”   It is only at the end of the movie that the speaker (on viewing some blossoms blowing in the wind) realized:  “They are all perfect…
We are all connected.  Whether we realize it or not…  Unfortunately, most never do.    —    kmab]
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