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What song shall I sing
when in need
When all I have
is the need to be free.
What can I write
what can I say
What’s there to do
but kneel down and pray.
I’m tired, I’m sore,
I’m mad, I’m bored,
I need to relax, to relax,
to relax.
I need to be free
to be free to love
To be free to do
what I’m capable of.
I need to know
to Know for sure
What’s there in this world
That’s clean and pure.
Are there others besides me
that care at all
Is there another
near whom I’ll stand tall.
And what of the others
who aren’t like me
I wonder about those
that don’t long to be free.
I wonder about those
that don’t touch above
The stars in the sky
or a world full of love.
[This blog post is a variance from my usual poetry posting (off of my poems page).  My “Poems” page contains links to my poems, some of my favorite poems and speeches, and the lyrics to some of my favorite songs.  In this case, rather than a simple informational introduction containing a link to the poem, I’m listing the poem on a blog post as well as on the separate page.  In the past, I had almost no hits from post readers going on to the poems, so this is simply an experiment to see if hits are a function of location or interest.   My expectation is that hits are correlated to both, but we’ll see…   —    KMAB]

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I’ll be damned if I’ll love just to love — there’s got to be more to it than that.
   —    Humphrey Bogart
[Or maybe not…   —    KMAB]

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