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This undeveloped child of the earth as we call the moon is a goal, a treasury of information, and a desirable platform in space.  Practical scientific, industrial, and humanitarian reasons for going to the moon include employing its unique environment for research and manufacturing;  mining it for useful materials and significant geological knowledge;  locating on it meteorological and astronomical observatories, hospitals, and biological laboratories;  developing it as a space port from which to explore the solar system and the universe;  and utilizing its byproduct to massively stimulate our economy and to help prevent war.
     —    Neil P. Ruzic
From his book:  “The Case for Going To The Moon
[The book was published in 1965 and I read it about 1972.  Hard to believe that was over 40 years ago…  Maybe if we had spent a little more money on colonizing the moon and a little less on war, we’d have permanent facilities there by now.    —    KMAB]

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