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Last night, Hil, Sarah and I watched the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in London.  At the very end, there was a performance by Sir Paul McCartney singing “Hey, Jude“.
Seeing Sir Paul reminded me that a week or so ago, I caught a bit of “Forrest Gump” while I was channel surfing.  Forest was being interviewed by Dick Cavett and next to him (Forest) was John Lennon.  They went through a little spiel which was meant to “seem” as if it was the creative idea behind my favorite Lennon song:  “Imagine“.
Seeing Sir Paul also reminded me of one of my favorite songs by him:  “Silly Love Songs“.
I’ve been meaning to add them both to my Poems page for some time, but have never gotten around to it.  Anyway, it’s done now.  Both touch my soul in completely different ways – the latter seems frivolous and the former profound – but both are simple AND serious – about love (and singing) and about peace.
Both bring warm smiles to face and heart and a wistfulness for other times and for what might have been had they stayed together longer (or rejoined in later years).
As always, read the words and then go listen to the songs.   Enjoy!

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There are seven sins in the world:
Wealth without work;
Pleasure without conscience;
Knowledge without humility;
Commerce without morality;
Science without humanity;
Worship without sacrifice;  and,
Politics without principle.
    —    Mahatma Gandhi

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