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Normally, my Poems page is reserved for speeches and lyrics which profoundly touch me at an emotional level.  But, not always…
Sometimes, I like to include songs that I just enjoy.  They’re NOT powerful, or “meaningful”.  They’re just songs you hear driving in the car and they take you back to other times and places.  Some song lyrics have terrific imagery and some are just catchy – what I like to call “Ear Candy”.  These two songs are a bit of both.
The first song is “Blinded By The Light“, which was written and performed by Bruce Springsteen, but made famous by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.  It’s famously remembered for the mis-hearing of the line “revved up like a deuce” as “wrapped up like a douche”.  The song is actually talking about a deuce-coup hot-rod, NOT a feminine hygiene product.  Another incredible thing about this song is it’s Bruce’s ONLY top 40 hit.  I couldn’t believe this, myself, but I heard Bruce say it in one of his TV concerts.  Amazing!!
The second song is:  “Take A Letter Maria“, which is about a man who comes home late and finds his wife with another man.  It’s one of those songs you hear and repeat for hours in your head because it has such a great “hook” line.  It was written and performed by R. B. Greaves.
I hope you’ll take the time to read the lyrics for both/each before rushing off to listen to these two songs (otherwise, you may miss some of the imagery) – but really, you DO have to listen to these to appreciate them.  Enjoy!

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A man who sets out to justify his existence and his activities has to distinguish two different questions.  The first is whether the work which he does is worth doing;  and the second is why he does it, whatever its value may be.
    —    G. H. Hardy
From his book:  “A Mathematician’s Apology

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