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This may sound utopian, but I have hopes that the colleges will someday refuse to admit any student who cannot read and write.  This would be a truly revolutionary step.  For most colleges, it would immediately cut enrollment by at least half (thus solving the overcrowding problem).  It would force the high schools to teach English properly — and the taxpayers to put up the money for it, if they want their little darlings to get into college.  It would eliminate all those dreary courses in remedial English for undergraduates  —  and for students in law, business, and other postgraduate schools.  It would help a lot to reduce delinquency, since an inadequate grasp of reading and writing is one of the commonest causes for school dropouts.  It would cut unemployment and relief costs, since until a man has acquired the basic skill in using his native tongue he has little chance to learn the other skills necessary to earn a living.
    —   John Fisher

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