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Some of us may not like transitions.  Some of us may be afraid.  But as I see it, we have two choices.  We can either stay scared and resist changes for as long as we can.  Or we can embrace transitions and say “Bring it on.  Let me ride the wave.”  We can see change as ways of growing wiser and stronger.  We can see transition as lessons that teach us to be more mature and to live more deeply, in order that we may be the best persons that we can possibly be.  We can embrace change and transitions and say – “This is my future.  And I welcome it and embrace it with all the strength and courage I can muster.”
    —    Father Joseph N. Goh
Originally posted on his blog:   “Queer Eye for God’s World
under the posting titled:   “Trinity Sunday, June 3, 2012, “Transitions”

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