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You write.  That’s the hard bit that nobody sees.  You write on the good days and you write on the lousy days.  Like a shark, you have to keep moving forward or you die.  Writing may or may not be your salvation;  it might or might not be your destiny.  But that does not matter.  What matters right now are the words, one after another.  Find the next word.  Write it down.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.
    —   Neil Gaiman
[From the “About” page of Maria Mankin and her web site:  “Books, j’adore“.
For me, blogging isn’t the hard bit.  Making the time for it when there is so much of life to be lived (tasted, swallowed whole, squeezed out like lemon juice) is the hard bit.  Reflecting and writing is the easy bit.  I guess that’s just the cowboy in me…    —    KMAB]

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