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 Waiting to go inside…  Is that camera still on me?
 Did someone say,
 British gardeners
require constant
 Hey Youse,
give us a treat!
 Just a little shade…
 In yer face training…  Are you ever gonna
get a life, Dad?
 The kennel never
said my new home
was a fixer-upper.
 I’ve gotta do
everything myself
around here…
 Yeah, the garden’s ok now,
but wait until I’m done with it…
 A quick pause
making trouble.
 That’s right – I’m gorgeous!  Not quite enough shade…
 She’s not fully trained,
but I like blonds.
 There’s like
NO privacy
in this house-hold!
 Squirrel???  Someone please
take that camera-phone
off him!
Introducing “Shiva” – the newest member of the Barrett Family.
75 pounds of Anatolian Shepherd and Golden Retriever.  Two years old and compliments of Tony La Russa ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation).

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The trouble is you think you have time.
    —    Buddha

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