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Veteran's Day poster

I hate war – everything about it makes me ill.  But sometimes the fight is important.  And I thank those brave enough to fight for the rest of us.

  —  The image is from the Veteran’s Administration poster for 2011.
  —  The quote is from Jo Bryant’s Web Site:  Chronicles of Illusions
I follow Jo’s blog.  Jo describes herself as:  “Kiwi/Australian Writer, Poet, and Potential Amateur Photographer”

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You can’t expect insights, even the big ones, to suddenly make you understand everything.  But I figure:  Hey, it’s a step if they leave you confused in a deeper way.
    —     Lily Tomlin
From Jane Wagner’s play:  “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe
[For a deeper confusion see Robert Graves’ poem:  “In Broken Images”    —    KMAB]

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